Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - my friend, Ken

One way I feel more hopeful is by spending more quality time with people I love. Last year I spent a lot of time dashing from one place to the next, squeezing this task in here and that task in there. It's exhausting. So I'm taking more time out this year for individuals and enjoying the time I have with them rather than watching the clock when I'm with them. 

To this end, I took the bus out to the Poconos to visit my friend, Ken, one of my nearest and dearest. Just being around him lifts up my spirit. He had a rough year in 2008, and what amazes me about him is that he doesn't resent anything that he's lost. He is much more grateful for having ever had those things and people in his life at all. It's a good lesson for me, for all of us. Resentment and regret gets us nowhere. Gratefulness brings us joy, and ultimately more to be grateful for.  

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