Sunday, January 18, 2009

More love for Apple

Amidst all of the anxiety around Steve Jobs' temporary leave from Apple, there is a lot of reason for rejoicing about the company. I gush so much about the company you'd think they were paying me. This latest anecdote is precisely the reason I bought a Mac a year ago. 

I must have placed a bit too much pressure on one of the corners of my laptop. The casing cracked a little - hairline but I noticed it was steadily getting worse. Mind you, this crack was entirely my fault, not Apple's. I bought the Apple Care Plan that extends my warranty an additional two years. I called Apple, they made an appointment for me at the Fifth Avenue Apple store, and I took my Macbook over there. 

They took my appointment 10 minutes early and sent me on my way in 5 minutes. I had to leave Mac behind to get fixed. I felt like I was leaving my child at the doctor's office. I returned home and did some email on my old IBM (and by old I mean 3.5 years.) Clunky and clumsy and past its prime, I really missed Mac. I'd be without him for 5-7 days.

Much to my surprise, Mac was ready for pick-up in less than 24 hours. Perfectly repaired. For free. With a smile. Steve Jobs and anyone associated with Apple has many reasons to be proud of this company. I'm a customer for life because Apple is a company that believes in service above all else. Their service and concern for customer delight are head and shoulders above that of any other company. 

I hope Steve Jobs quickly and fully recovers from his recent health issues. In the meantime, he should rest assured that the company will be just fine, left in the capable hands of his team members who take such great care of customers.  

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