Friday, January 23, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Another Small Act of Kindness

Yesterday, I returned home from the airport at 1am after being awake since 4am the morning before, dealing with quite possibly one of the worst days of my life in-between. I arrived at my apartment door frustrated, deeply saddened, and full of disappointment. I looked back at the cab that had dropped me at the curb outside and he waited for me to make sure that I got into my front door okay. Can you believe that? A New York cabbie concerned that some no-name lady got into her apartment building without trouble. His small act erased my sadness. 

I fell asleep last night considering all the ways that I could make that same small effort and truly transform someone's day:
holding doors open for others
petting someone's dog and saying how cute the dog is
letting someone who looks frustrated go ahead of us in a check-out line at the store
even smiling - just smiling

There a lot of gloom and doom in this world, especially these days. We can all do a part to let a little sunshine in, and while we're at it, let the sunshine in for others, too. 

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runner52 said...

you make many people's live better just by being in it