Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Friends Save the Day

I am always so grateful for the compassion, loyalty, and helpfulness of my friends who see me through tough times, who help me solve problems, and who generally make me feel good about being me. I know they're great people, kind and loving and concerned. 

Today I am wrestling with an especially tough problem and there they were: hopeful, helpful, and supportive. It's humbling to be surrounded by such bright, positive people who believe in me, hands down. They have an incredible way of helping me see clearly, even if it all looks bleak to me at first. And it's not that they always agree with me. Many times they don't. But they help me gather my thoughts and look at my resources a bit differently.

Perspective is helpful - it provides hope more than anything else ever could. With perspective, the world looks brighter.   

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