Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Law of Attraction

I love getting daily quotes, thoughts, intentions, etc. into my inbox. I'm a loyal e-newsletter subscriber. My friend, Ken, turned me on to one put together every day by a duo that offers workshops based on ideas behind The Secret. I'm not into going to workshops, though I'm enjoying the daily quotes. 

Ken reads the daily quote first thing in the morning and then when he gets home at the end of the day. He meditates on the sentiments and meaning offered in each, and tries to be mindful of it throughout the day. I'm not saying that this is a magic potion, though it does make me feel better to read these ideas and consider them in my daily life. At this point, positive reflection on our current situation may be the best remedy. It's a technique worth trying. You can sign up for the daily quote emails at

As a sample of what's typically on offer, here is the daily quote from today:
"You are on the leading edge of thought, taking thought beyond that which it has been before. Who cares what thoughts have led up to this. You're standing in the fresh now, and many of the thoughts that you vehemently oppose are the very thoughts that have given you the desire that has attracted the clarity of where you now stand. No matter how awful you think they might be, all were of value in the evolution forward. Every one of them.

Excerpted from a workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday, April 14th, 1998

Our Love, 
Jerry and Esther"


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