Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday card mishap

This story is just too good to keep to myself. I debated about whether or not to tell it in a public forum but I just can't resist. My friend, Jane, had me laugh so hard today that my eyes were tearing over. My stomach was aching. 

She has a boss who's a bit of an exhibitionist. For example, when they needed to use some photography for a new product her company was launching, he used a photo of himself. In a muscle shirt. And the presentation was being sent to perspective clients.

So with this year's holiday cards, he got a little creative. Most people get a family photo where everyone's smiling, the dog seated on the couch, etc. Not this guy. He took a trip to Bali this past summer and thought he'd like to showcase that. Now, a normal person would choose a picture of the sunset, the ocean, maybe even a picture of himself sipping a tropical looking drink. 

Jane's boss decided to have someone take a photo of him in a black speedo (what Jane describes as an ill-fitting banana hammock) and used that for his holiday card. Yep - sent it to family, friends, co-workers, business contacts. I was floored. Talk about lack of judgement!

Now the card is all the talk about the office. People crowding in corners, at the copier, at the water cooler. Some are laughing, some are appalled, all have lost respect for him. Even clients are commenting on the card. It sounds like a stunt that Steve Carell would pull on The Office. (I'm thinking of sending the idea in to NBC.) Would anyone in their right mind seriously do that? Well, you know what they say - in all good comedy, there's a little bit of truth.     


COL said...

remember the seinfeld when elaine accidentally sent a christmas card with her nip exposed?!

Christa said...

Hi Col! Totally!! I love that show...