Monday, April 28, 2008

McDonald's attempts to answer the age-old question:

I love that companies are getting on the gaming bandwagon. I'm tired of company websites that don't make an effort to entertain me while I'm there. I was a huge fan of the Elf Yourself Christmas card from Office Max this past holiday season - I sent my elffed-self tap, tap, tapping along to everyone I know. These kinds of things can seriously amuse me for hours.

Now McDonald's has come out with a new and improved version of the elf game through it's website Concepted and designed by Steve Baer and the cool folks over at The Game Agency, the site lets you choose which side you'd like to be (chicken or egg), and then lets you put your face into the character, select the theme of the dance off, the genre of music, and then a series of five dance moves. "You" then face off with the character from the other side, and are scored by the computer. At the very top of the screen, you'll see a total collection of points for everyone who's made themselves a chicken or an egg, allowing you to unite with fellow debaters of this timeless question. Think of it as Dancing with the Stars for fast food. Thank you McDonald's for filling the elf void in my life! badabababa, I'm lovin' it!

Build your own sequence, and enjoy a litte boogie time courtesy of McDonald's. You deserve a break today.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out the site Christa. I hope you had a good time. We sure did, while making it. BTW, if you were going to use this site to create some funny videos to post on YouTube and get more people checking out the site, who would you star?