Sunday, April 27, 2008

GEL2008: Werewolf - the best party game ever

My first activity for the GEL conference was learning and playing the game Werewolf. I m now obsessed and planning my first "Werewolf" party. It's a game of trickery, deceit, and cunning. It's also tough to imagine walking away from it. I learned it from Charlie Todd, a comedian and creator of ImprovEverywhere, and his team of highly skilled players.

What you'll need:
a deck of cards with two aces, a king, a queen, a jack, and as many numbered cards as needed to have a card for everyone playing
at least 8 people

The moderator (no card)
Two Aces - werewolves
King - doctor
Queen - fortune teller
Jack - hunter
Number cards - townspeople

Object of the game:
For the werewolves: to kill all the townspeople
For the townspeople: to kill the werewolves

There are two cycles to the game:
Night: everyone is asleep. at the moderator's command, each werewolf wakes up separately and silently points to choose someone to kill. (They must choose the same person in order for that person to die and be out of the game.) The fortune teller wakes up and may silently point to ask the moderator if any one person is a werewolf. The doctor wakes up and chooses someone to save - if that person has been chosen by both werewolves, the person survives.

Day: everyone's eyes are open and discussion along with accusations of werewolves may be made and voted on. The moderator will let the group know if anyone has died in the night. (If someone dies in the night, they do not reveal their card so the group does not know their role. The group discusses who may be a werewolf. Accusations are made. An accusation must be seconded and then is voted on by the group after the accused takes 10 seconds to defend their position and why they shouldn't be killed. Majority wins. If the person is voted to be killed, they reveal their role by showing their card. If the person holds the jack card, they are allowed to take another person out with them.

So while it may sound rather gruesome, the game is an absolute blast. Even with a group of strangers, it took one round and everyone was hooked.

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