Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blogher Business Conference 2008

I've always believed that one woman's success can only help another woman's success. ~ Gloria Vanderbilt

I am home tonight preparing for the BlogHer Business Conference 2008 in NYC. I will be Live Blogging for the event, covering the Social Media Creation track and the afternoon keynote on Day 2. I first heard of this event several months ago and have since been considering its importance to me, personally and professionally, and to the blogosphere as a whole. 

Personally, I know only a handful of bloggers and writers. This conference affords me the opportunity to expand my circle of writers, to learn what motivates them, how they got into writing, and what it's given them in return. 

Professionally, this conference will connect me to others who create content for their companies, whether for an internal or external audience. It will help me to learn how to optimize the value of the writing I do for my own company. And it will reinforce for me how critical conversation and communication is to the success of a business.  

Women make 70% of the buying decision in the U.S. and yet if we look at a list of the country's top bloggers, there are very few women. Among top corporate bloggers, the number is nearly zero. Blogs are helping people and companies alike tell their stories, share their narratives. Woman are keenly attuned to story telling. So it would seem that blogging and business and women fit together, creating a powerful triumvirate. It's my hope that this conference will inspire participants to join voices, to support one another in our efforts to share our stories and to promote women in business. I am hoping that this conference will prove Gloria Vanderbilt right. 

I'll let you know what I find...stay tuned.   


Eamon said...

This is an interesting, and certainly one of the most useful posts I have stumbled upon recently!

Social media is just such an important subject now for anyone interested in marketing (i.e loads of people ..).

It is something that even people who know a lot about marketing and a lot about the internet are still grappling with.

This conference will, no doubt, turn out to be interesting and very useful, I am sure, so look forward to hearing more.

Christa said...

Thank you so much Eamon! I really appreciate the comment and am loving the conference. My first live blog post from the event is now up and running on this blog! All my best, Christa