Friday, April 3, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Jack and Suzy Welch

I never thought I'd say that Jack and Suzy Welch give me hope. Sound business advice. Straight talk about tough issues. A dissenting opinion. Yes, yes, and yes. But hope? Pure, empathic hope? Yep. Believe it.

In their recent BusinessWeek column, Jack and Suzy Welch not only gave me hope, but they made me tear up. They talk about the entrepreneurs all over this country who are about to emerge as the bright shining light to lead us into economic recovery. "Those kids (the ones at colleges inventing businesses right this moment) and their ideas are the future of business, if we just hang on can be sure, too, that legions of people out there aren't frightened by the economy. They're called entrepreneurs. And challenges don't make them surrender; they make them fierce."

If ever there was a rallying cry, a mantra to hang on to in this economic mess that seems to get worse by the day, this is it! And if you, as an entrepreneur (or an aspiring entrepreneur), still had any doubt about whether or not entrepreneurs should really consider starting a business in this climate, isn't a vote of confidence from Jack and Suzy Welch just about the best vote you could find? They don't say things to be nice or supportive or upbeat. They say them because they believe them whole-heartedly.

I love this article so much that it is currently hanging up by my desk. So when I sit down to do research, to consider where my career might, could, should go, and to write about entrepreneurs, I'm reminded that Mr. and Mrs. Welch are on our side. And with support like that, it seems we've run out of excuses to not take our careers in our own hands. In their very simple language, Jack and Suzy Welch have not only given us their support, they've put all their cards on the table and told us that the world needs us - we are the people we've been waiting for to lead us out of these dark days and into a better world of business.
It is not just an opportunity for us, it is a responsibility. The world needs us. Be fierce.

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