Friday, April 24, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - 10 Items or Less

Phil Terry recommended the movie 10 Items or Less on his Facebook page. It is one of those exceptional indie films that slipped by me and I am glad Phil encouraged his friends to see it. In the movie, the two main characters discuss 10 items or less of things they love, hate, can't do without, etc.

It's a poignant and revealing premise.
In a few short words, these lists can get at the heart of what's really important to you. So here are my 3 lists of 10 items or less: things I love, things I need to do in my life, and impacts I'd like to have.

Things I love to do

Develop new business ideas
Meet new people


Things I need to do in my life
Start my own business

Own the place where I live
Write and publish books
Fall in love for life
Travel a lot
Learn to play an instrument well

Impacts I'd like to have

Live an extraordinary life
Help other people live extraordinary lives
Help other people start their own businesses so they can be independent and create their own lives on their own terms

Further the cause of creativity and innovation


Laura Cococcia said...

I definitely will take time to write this list - you've got me thinking! Thanks Christa!

Christa said...

Can't wait to read your list! :)