Monday, April 27, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - 15 Chances to Turn an Enemy Into a Friend

Extra gum has an interesting saying on the inside of its packaging: "15 chances to turn an enemy into a friend." On my way to the subway this morning I thought about that statement. Extra gum was clearly talk about its 15 sticks of gum. But are there 15 ways to turn an enemy into a friend? I can think of 6 - and that's a start. Any you'd like to share?

1.) Do something nice for someone, even if they haven't been so nice to you. It can be small. It can even be done anonymously. A thoughtful favor can sometimes turnaround a bad attitude.

2.) Consider what their lives must be like outside of the environment we're used to seeing them in. Does that give us some greater insight and understanding about their behavior?

3.) Detach. It's amazing how people stop misbehaving when no one is watching or no one seems to care.

4.) Lay it on the line. By disarming enemies with straight-forward honesty, we can disarm them.

5.) Think of something good about them. My friend, Kelly, is brilliant at this. No matter how much she may dislike someone, she's always able to keep an open mind about them and is determined to learn something from them.

6.) Recognize that everyone comes into our lives for a reason.

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