Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grey Bracelets and David Sedaris

My friend, Liane and Steve, and I tried to go see David Sedaris at the 66th Street Barnes and Noble in Manhattan. We were stopped at the door. Why? No receipt for a book, and no bracelet. What's worse - if you had a "grey bracelet" (meaning you didn't go to the Avery Fisher Hall show of David's) you were told to go wander around the store and you would be called when you were allowed to meet David. "Don't stand by this door, grey bracelet holders. It won't help you," cried the disgruntled Barnes & Noble worker. Or maybe she was just a naturally angry woman. They have a grey bracelet, not a disease. They aren't "untouchables". Calm down, lady. And frankly, if they want to stand by the door, who are they harming? 

Hmmm....I like David Sedaris's writing, but honestly, is there any reason to treat his fans badly? Is the security detail similar to that of the Pope appropriate or necessary? Given his humble economic background, you'd think he'd have more empathy for those of us who couldn't get to his show. Maybe fame has gone to his head, or maybe he just has a real stick-in-the mud for a publicist. I'm going with the latter. I love his writing too much to think that behind those funny stories lies a guy who's too high on himself.   

I was going to drop this whole issue and not write about it. But then when I was telling a friend of mine about the event, and he said David Sedaris would probably find the whole bracelet caste system funny. So here's hoping he somehow finds this post, reads it, laughs a bit, and then changes the policy the next time he is in NYC promoting his books.  

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runner52 said...

Sounds a little frustrating to me.
I've never read anything by Mr. Sedaris, but I'll be sure to look up some of this work next time I go to Barnes and Nobles...look at it this way...because of the grey bracelet caste system, he missed out on a chance to meet you!