Monday, December 1, 2008

Ladies Who Launch

I am in the midst of reading the book Ladies Who Launch. It's part guide book, part inspirational story collection for women interested in entrepreneurship. In the uncertain times we're now in, I'm thinking a lot about diversification. Traditionally, we get a job, we work hard, and pay for life from the salary of that job. In times of recession, which just today economists officially figured out we're in, there's a lot of talk about the importance of diversity in our investment portfolios. But what about in the ways we take in money. Isn't it safer, and perhaps even advantageous, to have multiple sources of income? Companies diversify their products and services. Shouldn't we, as average earners and consumers, do the same?

This book is about helping women to think about launching as a continuous pursuit. And that launch can revolve around a business idea, a project (personal or professional), a relationship. It draws its strength from encouraging women to get out in the world and stay active. I was a little skeptical at first, though I put my best foot forward and dove into the book after reading so many good reviews. 

After making notes throughout the afternoon on Sunday and considering questions like "What do I want my typical day to look like?" and "What would I do if I had no limitations and boundaries of any kind?", I noticed that my step was a little lighter today. The things that may have upset me on other days didn't phase me at all. And I noticed that I was bolder than normal, speaking my mind and sharing my views of even the most staid and traditional ways of doing things. 

There really is magic in thinking about ourselves as the CEO of Me, Inc. To think of our lives in a constant state of launching. Oscar Wilde said, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." While I don't think of my life as "in the gutter", I understand his point. We might feel down-trodden by the news of recession, by the political situation around the world, by the violence and sadness that stretches across the news waves these days. This idea of launching, of taking flight, has the ability to lift us up. It empowers us and allows us to retake control of our lives. The very thought of launching allows us to let what ails and pains us to fall away. We begin to look at the opportunities before us rather than the challenges. Or better yet, we suddenly become able to look at the challenges and launch opportunity from them.          

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