Friday, December 26, 2008

A Change of Scene Without Moving

I am in the midst of reading the book Wild Nights by Anne Matthews. It's about the world of New York City that emerges between dusk and dawn. Matthews isn't talking about the party-hopping nightlife, but rather the natural world that emerges when the archipelago's dominant species, people, largely take their leave. An underworld of song birds, wild animals like coyotes, bears, and deer emerge. 

I think of myself as a New York City expert - I know many of the neighborhoods like the back of my hand. I spend a lot of time walking around Manhattan Island, and unlike many Manhattan-ites I venture to the outer burroughs on a fairly regular basis. In such a small geography, I assumed I knew most of what's out there in my city. This book is opening my eyes in a whole new way, and has me planning weekend outings to parts of the city I've never even heard of, much less seen. 

All this new discovery in this book has me thinking about how to change our scene without changing our location. How can we make our space brand new, even if we've been in that space for a long time. And the same can be said for the actual housing space we live in, our jobs, our relationships. It's about developing a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective, finding new joy and gratitude in what's been right in front of us all along. A pretty decent New Year's resolution that we can all make, right 

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