Monday, December 15, 2008

Fewer, Better Things

Those clever marketers at De Beers, the diamond company, have launched another brilliant ad campaign: "Fewer, Better Things." De Beers is a PERFECT example of a luxury company who is using the current economic state as a benefit to them. 

The idea of the campaign is simple. As a society, Americans collect a lot of junk - things of little value and use and we're not even sure why we have them. They don't bring us joy and most of it won't even be around a year from now much less a generation from now. Jean Chatzky, financial advisor guru, has a rule of thumb that if you didn't want it 5 years ago, you don't need it now. De Beers thinks the same way, and maybe we all should take that advice to heart. 

Have a pair of earrings that you truly love (preferably De Beers diamonds) and make them part of your signature look. Same goes for other high ticket items. Save up for something of value that you really want instead of piddling away money on items you won't cherish. Who knew some of the best financial advice you'd ever get would come from a diamond company's print ad?    

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