Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Writers's Strike Latest Victim: the Golden Globes

I had planned to spend today shopping for some delicious morsels and cocktail ingredients to host a Golden Globes party. I sent an email around to a few people several weeks ago and my friend Dan replied “I’d love to watch the awards at your place, if they air them.” I have been watching the writers’ strike with intensity, mostly because there isn’t much else to watch these days. I may actually accomplish my goal of learning more about classic films because I will soon be forced to subscribe to Netflix.

And despite the threats of picketing the Golden Globes and actors refusing to cross the line, I thought they’d make an exception. I thought that some things would be kept sacred and writers and producers would call a truce just for a night to pay tribute to the incredible work that has been done in film this year. In an effort of full disclosure, I agree with the writers. If producers are making money off their work, regardless of medium, they should get a cut. Anything short of that, in my opinion, is stealing. And it’s just plain mean.

In spite of my political views on the strike, the ones I feel most for are the nominees this season. To make it in your career to a point that your entire industry recognizes your contribution is cause for extreme celebration. And instead of having their moment, they’ll get a press conference with their names read in a no-doubt glum tone of voice.

I think it’s time for a boxing match. Get those that represent the writers and those that represent the producers, lock them in a room, give them food, water, and regular bathroom breaks, and don’t let them out until there’s a green light to restore episodes of Brothers and Sisters, along with all of the other shows I have been missing these past few months.

I know negotiations are difficult; I know both sides are so sick of one another that the idea of being in a room with one another is enough to make them all sick to their stomachs. I don’t care – walking away from conversations just because they’re hard is immature and irresponsible. A lot of people are being hurt in this process and I am a firm believer that if it is within something’s power to mitigate the pain they are causing others, then the only reasonable and kind thing to do is relieve that suffering.

I am getting off my soapbox now and will be found watching movies like Casablanca and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner until the picket signs come down.

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