Thursday, January 24, 2008

The road to creativity is paved with sleep

In recent weeks, the news has been covered with new scientific research on sleep and how we are not getting enough of it. We use our jobs, families, and personal interests as reasons to deny ourselves rest.

NPR recently ran a report on sleep. Though geniuses like da Vinci professed not to need more than several hours of sleep, what he didn't mention was he didn't need more than several hours of sleep at a time. In many ancient history and renaissance era books, writers often describe first and second sleep, each about 4 hours in length, with 1 to 3 hours of waking in between. This sandwiched time had a magical quality, often bringing to light a person's most creative thinking. Sleeping, quite literally, is necessary for dreaming - it is a bridge to enlightenment and to the magic of innovative thinking.

This week on Frog Design's blog, Tim Leberecht explores the possibility that we may not be as passionate about work as we purport to be. Maybe we're just working scared....

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