Saturday, January 19, 2008

What Robert Scoble has to say about entrepreneurship

I am a big Robert Scoble fan. One, I admire the road he paved for bloggers by fearlessly and honestly blogging about his life at Microsoft while an employee there. I also admire his ability to constantly stay true to himself.

He recently announced that he took a position with Fast Company to run their video network dedicated to business. The network launches on March 3rd. Prior to accepting this post, Scoble considered starting his own business. And decided against it for a number of reasons. In short, when he thoght about what he loved - blogging, interviewing people, and his family - none of those things lined up with what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

This gave me pause as I am now considering embarking on the road to my own company. Please understand that I am a huge advocate for small business and for those who want to go it on their own. I am an even bigger advocate for following your heart, doing what you love, and finding a career that allows you to soar on your strengths. For many, that does mean starting their own companies. Though for others, it means they need to find a company that provides them an opportunity to capitalize on what they do best.

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone, and I wonder if so many new businesses fail because some people who start them don't realize all they are getting into. Scoble's advice and insight merit a read for anyone starting a business. To read his full post on the subject, visit

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