Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Power of Blogging

I believe that writers in the blogosphere can change the world by changing the way that people see their own environments. Until very recently, some members of the general public saw blogs as a fad. Though I love blogging, I have to admit that I've had my doubts about their effectiveness. My doubt has been compounded by looking at statistic of how many new blogs and blog posts are created every day. The blogosphere has some population growth issues, and I am playing my part in that growth.

Today I read an article about the Saudi blogger who was recently arrested for writings on his blog. He has been held since December 10th because of political candidates he supports through his blog. His political views are not what interest me. What I find fascinating is that musings and opinions on a blog warranted the Saudi police to intervene.

Bloggers around the world should be rejoicing. If there was any fear that blogs were the red-headed stepchild of the writing world, that fear has been squashed. You can be sure that if you create it and update it regularly with passionate writing, they will read.

For the up-to-date news on the Saudi blogger and his impending release, please visit

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