Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The monsters are coming! The monsters are coming!

There are a myriad of things we can point to in the marketplace to illustrate the trend of fascination with fantasy, magic, and fairy tales. One of my favorite examples are the Ugly Dolls and the little monsters that seems to be popping everywhere from coin purses to water bottles to stationery. A face only a mother could love has become a face that everyone loves because of its sense of whimsy and approachability.

Today I read a blog post at about a whole new monster phenomenon. Stefan Bucher an LA designer created a blog with no motivation beyond plopping a small amount of ink onto a piece of paper every day and filming how he made that plop of ink into a monster. He then posted the videos to the blog. Then someone left a comment on the blog with the first of what would be many elaborate stories about the monsters.

Story creators from Marines to kindergartners took pen to paper and in the process of creating their own unique stories about the monsters became very attached to them. Bucher's characters generated so much chatter, that companies like Starbucks and Target, brought him to have imagination sessions. Creativity spawning more creativity - what could be better?!

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