Monday, December 17, 2007

The Natural Order

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do." ~ Epictetus,Greek philosopher

It's easier to formulate actions than it is to really get at the core of the motivation and then develop actions that support that core. I'm not sure why. Maybe it can be likened to eating a hot bowl of pasta - easier to twirl around the edges and work in than to plunge right into the steamy center. And yet, the few times when I start out on the fringes and work my way in, I end up realizing that I spent too much energy on the edges when I should have dove right in. And when I have jumped in with both feet, even if I got burned, I learned a tremendous amount and had no regrets.

I considered this as I read about Paul Potts, a British cell phone salesman who at his heart was an opera singer. He finally got his chance to do what we loved on an episode of "Britain's Got Talent." Though, imagine what would have happened if not for reality TV. How many other Paul Pottses are out there who "die with the music still in them" as John Lennon would say. Was it that they didn't know their core and spent their lives on the fringes of their potential or was it that they were actually afraid of their callings and spent their lives running from destiny?

This is good food for thought as I consider the hours of my day when I'm happiest and what I have to do to make those activities the predominant way I spend my time. I have also found that in crafting a business case for my own company, I also must start at the core. Yes, I will make mistakes and I will get a burn or two or ten. It's worth the risk - I'd rather end up bumped and bruised than wishing I had sung the song I was meant to sing.

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