Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bringing home the goods

When you have a tiny apartment, there's a need to make every square inch of it sparkle. I've been in the market for a few furniture pieces that fit perfectly in my pint-size place. I've had some trouble finding items that fit properly, are designed well, and are reasonably priced.

I was relating this to my friend, Diane, at work and she suggested I stop in at a store called Home Goods, a TJX company. On my lunhc break I toddled over there, expecting to not find too much and found so much that I loved that I had to make sure to not get a cart so all I could buy is what my own hands could carry.

I found the perfect powerd blue metal three tier shelf that will fold up flat should I ever need to store it away, or, heaven forbid, move. It looks so perfect in my studio apartment that you'd think it's been there all along. The store is chock full of every item you could imagine in the home decor category. The company is very much on trend with the "Make It Yourself" look as well as new items that have a retro feel. The store is well organized, easy to navigate, and the merchandise is fairly priced. The company even has a blog that I recommend you check for the latest tips and ideas on decorating.

You'll have to go to Jersey to experience a Home Goods, though I promise it is worth the effort!

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