Monday, December 3, 2007

E to India

After taking two hours to drive 27 miles from Bergen County to New York City, I finally parked my car 10 blocks from my apartment and hopped onto the subway to head to Jackson Heights, Queens to meet my friend, Brooke. We have had plans to have Indian food at the Jackson Diner four times. Come hell or high traffic, I was not going to have us cancel again. I needed the comfort of good Indian.

In 45 minutes, I emerged from the subway into Little India. I had heard that Jackson Heights was a haven for the best ethnic food in NYC. The Jackson Diner did not disappoint. I had a blast, as usual, with Brooke. We make each other laugh so much that my cheeks always hurt by the end of our conversation. The food was delicious, and then we walked to her apartment so I could see the ridiculous deal she's getting for rent far less than mine.

Jackson Heights, if you've never been, is adorable. Cute little shops, restaurants, and quite accessible to Manhattan by 5 subway lines. And her apartment blew me away. My studio is less than the size of her living room. She could have 100 people in her apartment with no problem. She has a CHAISE in her living room. Polished floors. Scalloped archways. Decorative tiles. A SLEIGH BED. Unreal.

The variety that can be found in these five boroughs is truly unfathomable. And all for a price much lower than you may think. There is life beyond Manhattan...

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