Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In my TrendCentral newsletter this morning, I discovered a site that I love! A community for people just like me - PANKs (Professional Aunt, No Kids). FINALLY someone figured out how awesome it is to be an aunt, figured out that there are other women who love being aunts, and developed a platform to bring them all together.

The site has all kinds of cool features, tips, ways to contribute, advice, and it is stylishly designed. I love the site because it recognizes that there are many women out there who either love kids and don't want any of their own or aren't ready for kids of their own. On occasion I read mom blogs, but a lot of that information doesn't pertain to me as an aunt and many of them love being a mom so much that they don't understand why any women would choose not to have children, or delay the decision to have them. (Even when I was at the BlogHer Conference, which I found incredibly useful from a professional stand-point, I felt outside the circle many times because I wasn't a Mommy blogger.) Melanie Notkin, the site's founder, CEO, and editor, appreciates the p.o.v. of aunts and caters to it.

The other feature that I love about is Melanie's willingness to share how she started this business. She's passionate about entrepreneurship and wants to help other people on that journey if they're so inclined. You can read all about her journey to building her own company at With all the recognition and traffic she's getting while the site is still in Beta, is going to have a long, happy, and healthy life. And the aunts of the world will be better for it!

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Dan said...

I just wish I could have an Auntie Christa.... Sad that I can't.