Thursday, July 10, 2008

What does Dr. Helen Fischer have to say about love?

Good question! I'll find out tonight at the taping of an ABC News Special that Barbara Walters and Dr. Helen Fischer are co-hosting with The event will take place at Mansion, a new venue in Chelsea. 50 men / 50 women - all from similar backgrounds and looking for love. This sounded a touch wacky at first but the opportunity seems so intriguing that I couldn't possibly let it pass by.

Dr. Fischer is an anthropologist at Rutgers University, and she studies the brain in love. I figure if she has made her life's work to find out how and why people fall for one another, the least I can do is add myself as a data point to her research. In January, Barbara Walters will present an hour long ABC News Special on Dr. Fisher's forthcoming book, WHY HIM? WHY HER? Understanding Your Personality Type and Finding Your Soul Mate.

Maybe I'll find the love of my life, or even just get a few good dates out of the evening, and at the very least I'll collect some good stories.


Matt said...

Hi Christa!

I attended the event at Mansion in NYC. I met a lot of great people at the event. Did you have a good time?

Christa said...

Hi Matt,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had a great time - lots of very interesting people and a great venue!

Matt said...

Did you get the people you had an interest in dropped into your chemistry account? We were also supposed to get a month free so we can contact them. I haven't heard or seen anything from them since the event.

I hope they do it soon as it would be pretty lame to make people wait a few weeks.

COL said...

hi christa, you posted on my blog about that chemistry event last week and i am just now getting around to your blog. very cool! we have similar interests -- media, meditation and men!

very cool space you've got here -- i'll be back. and bummer about your car.

Christa said...

Hi Matt,
I didn't get anyone with an interest dropped into my account. Wish they had done that. They contacted me via email and set me up to go on a date next Sunday with one of the guys I spoke to. I agree that I hope they connect people via quickly!

Christa said...

Hey Col,
Thanks for reading my blog and for your kind comment. I am bummed about my car though it seems that all is on the mend now, fingers crossed!

We do have similar interests - what could be better than media, meditation, and men?? :)


Matthew said...

Hey Christa -

I don't know if you believe in destiny but I have a funny story to tell you! I was not a paying member on Chemistry when they invited me to the event. As a matter of fact, it's been about a year since I was a paying member. Anyway :), they hooked us up with a free month starting today, so I figured I would go in there and clean out the 100+ people "interested in me" section that has accumulated over time. They NEED to make it easier to move people to the archive section.

So I am looking at all the people and clicking "no" 10 times when I come across an interesting woman who sent me a message a while back. She was interested in getting to know me. Guess who that is? YOU!!! Small world, eh?

We should talk! I just sent you a note back via Chemistry. Looking forward to speaking with you!!!

- Matt

Matt said...

Just read your response and feel like an idiot!!! Haha!

Let me know how your date goes!!

Christa said...

Hey Matt,
You should totally not feel like an idiot! I'm going out with this guy this weekend though I know hardly anything about him as we talked for about 5 minutes at that event. I'd definitely like to meet you. Will send you a note back on chemistry.