Saturday, August 2, 2008

Unreasonable drivers

Why is it that people in cars in New York City feel they have the right to tell people how to park, where to park, and when to move their cars? And why do they think it's okay to do that by screaming at others from their own cars? I returned to New York today with my sister, brother-in-law, and baby niece for a vacation. We found a parking space right in from of my building with enough room to easily move in and out of when leaving. 

We had arm-loads of things we were carrying inside(including my niece!), and a man with a large station wagon yells at me to move my car forward so he can shimmy his way in behind my car, wedging me into the space.  I tried to ignore his screaming, telling him we couldn't just drop our things in the middle of the sidewalk and we certainly were not going to wedge in the car in front of us, and then be wedged into the space ourselves. Then he yells "Well, I hope your car will be safe!" We walked inside and didn't think anything of it, except that he was rude and bordered on crazy. 

I came back out to the car a minute later to gather the few remaining items and he is putting a note on my windshield, and I asked him to back away from my car. His response (after removing the note): "next time, be a little more civil. Parking is at a premium around here." "What?" I asked. "In case you didn't notice, we have an infant with us and arm loads of things we're carrying. And why would I box in the person in front of me and then have you box me in? How would I move my car out with you wedged in behind my car? And besides, even if I did move all the way up to the next car, you still couldn't get your big car in that space." He walked away in a huff.

I'll never understand people like this - people who are naturally so irate that they feel they have the right to upset and harass other people who are minding their own business. I find these people generally are those who drive in the city. Does the driving cause them to go crazy or is it their craziness that encourages them to drive here? I wish people like this guy didn't make me so upset and stressed; I wish I could chalk it up to funny and weird experiences. And maybe I will once this car is a thing of the past in my life - I'm so looking forward to returning to life as a subway girl.  


col said...

what a jackoff!

coincidentally i just heard about this web site last night.


Christa said...

Hi Col! thanks for your comment for the link to this website. HILARIOUS! If only I had known about it yesterday :)