Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 little things

My friend, Julie, is in Tanzania for about 2 months. She's on assignment with the Peace Corp and has started a blog to track her experiences

On one of her posts, she takes a cue from her blogging sister and lists 10 little known things about her that are interesting and unique. I love the idea so much that I'm stealing it. Thanks for the inspiration, Jules :)

1.) The first profession I ever had an interest in was paleontology because I loved dinosaurs.
2.) When I was little, I memorized every fact about Africa that I could get my hands on and my mother would patiently listen to me go on for hours - if only we had the internet then.
3.) I was a Girl Scout until I was 12.
4.) I learned how to swim when I was 30.
5.) This is the first year I have ever been registered with a political party. My mother gave me a voter registration form when I turned 18 and until this year have always been an Independent.
6.) There is a tractor crossing sign on the road I grew up on. 
7.) The two countries I must visit some time in my life are Rwanda, to see the mountain gorillas, and Cuba because of the movie For Love or Country.
8.) I hate talking on the phone - it's my least favorite form of communication
9.) My favorite charitable cause is environmental protection
10.) Mary Lou Retton was my childhood idol  
and a bonus fact:
11.) My sister and I have two common obsessions: The Gilmore Girls (my baby niece is named after Lorelei Gilmore!) and Dunkin' Donuts (which we affectionately refer to as "Dunks")


Dan said...

I used to want to be a paleontologist too. We rock (Or, at the very least, we rocked).

Christa said...

Dan!! I just knew we were destined to be friend forever :) No wonder we clicked instantly when we met - our common love of rocks.