Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cubby Bernstein

You've got to hand it to those wacky producers over at Xanadu. They're young and fearless, and finally they are starting to crack the crusty old wheels of Broadway and the marketing of Broadway shows. My friend, Dan, pointed me to Cubby Bernstein, a fictional character who makes his bones by getting people Tony Awards. Cubby's about 10 years old though he behaves like a grown theatre promoter with an attitude problem. (Sorry - was that redundant?) While antics like his are often deplored in adults, when Cubby behaves this way, it makes for good comedy in that very Doris Roberts sort of way.

What I love about Cubby is how completely unconventional and creative the entire campaign is, and how little money it cost to produce. I follow him on Twitter, and you can friend him on Facebook. On Broadway, the use of social media is practically unheard of so to step out like this is a big change for the industry. From the creation of Cubby's character to the episodic nature of his YouTube segments, he is a little man with a plan in a class by himself. And maybe that goes for the brave producers of Xanadu as well. They may prove that being a little bit wacky can get you everywhere.

I haven't seen the show, and I haven't heard glowing reviews either, but this campaign has so piqued my interest from a business perspective, that I may just walk myself down to the Helen Hayes. After all, if I'm interested in having the theatre industry do more innovative work , I need to support new thinking. And maybe I'll get a chance to meet Cubby.


Cubby Bernstein said...

Christa - I so appreciate your support, and I'd love to see you at the show. I sit in the "on stage" seats when I go (on top of a couple phone books). Keep on keeping on!

Christa said...

Hi Cubby! Thanks so much for reading my blog. I absolutely love your ingenuity. I used to work in company management for Broadway shows and national tours - and I am so impressed by your ingenuity and ability to be unconventional. Way to go!!