Friday, May 30, 2008

Be proud of yourself because sometimes you're all you've got. ~ Denis the Menace

On Tuesday I was exhausted from a very late flight from Nashville last night, followed by a long day at work, combined with a tough commute in each direction. But still I had to drag myself out of my apartment at 11pm. Trevin, one of my very close friends, is leaving NYC in a few days and Tuesday was my only chance to see him before he leaves. 

Whenever Trevin introduces me to a friend of his, the friend invariably asks how we met. Trevin always replies, in a very distinct voice, "Christa was my BOSS." Emphasis on the boss. And I smile, and I say, "Yeah" with a very distinct accent.  Truthfully, I don't think Trevin nor I could have done our jobs without one another. He's someone who's so comfortable in his own weirdness that he makes everyone else around him comfortable in theirs. He is committed to one thing - to being who he is. His authenticity is undeniable. We should all be so lucky to be so proud of who we are and what we stand for. 

So it is with sadness that I said good-bye to Trevin after sharing a couple of chocolate milkshakes with him at the City Diner. Trevin and I moved here about the same time last summer and we would sometimes talk about how we'd be sharing chicken noodle soup at the Edison Hotel Cafe when we were two old-timers. We'd be swapping stories that started with, "Remember back in 2007..." And maybe we'll still be that way, though for now Trevin's adventures are taking him to other cities. 

Even though New York City won't be his home, at least not for now, he knows he'll always have a place to stay as long as I make my home here. It's one of the great things about friendship - it can help you make a home in any place your friends happen to be, even if you travel many miles from it.     

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