Monday, May 5, 2008

GEL 2008: Terry Borden and Bent Objects

I have a fondness for wacky art and the minds that create that art. I'm especially appreciative of wacky art that makes me laugh out loud. Terry Borden is one of those people.

About halfway through Day 2 of the GEL conference, Terry took the stage and talked openly and honestly about all of his failures as an artist. And then he hit upon an idea of Bent Objects, using items found around the house and then making them into "people" with bent wire arms, legs, and accessories, then placed in vignettes. He didn't, and maybe still doesn't, have much money so he has to create each art piece for only a few bucks apiece. And that constraint has placed the spotlight on his humor and ingenuity. Again, I am reminded that what makes good art brilliant is the need to work within constraints.

I'd describe them verbally, though the laugh is much more easily shared by just visiting his website. One of his works "Paying Respects" is pictured above. Several peanut-people bringing flowers to a jar of Jif. I love this guy.


Nicole said...

I've been following Bent Objects since February when a friend blogged about it. Now I'm totally hooked and tell people about it all the time! I saw your comment on his blog that you added him to your Google Reader - I've done the same and even recently figured out how to add the Google Reader widget to my blog so I can share all my favorite posts with my readers!

Christa said...

So cool!! Thanks Nicole! I didn't realize that you could add Google Reader to your blog. I will do that as well. And check out your blog, too. thanks for the tip and for reading my post.

All my best,