Friday, January 8, 2010

Step 8:

With my yoga teacher training starting on February 27th, I've been thinking about how to document that journey. I've been practicing yoga for 10 years and in 2004 I took a 30-hour weekend course that gave me a very basic certification. I used that certification to teach free yoga classes to my stressed out classmates at Darden Business School. I've been wanting to build on that training for several years in the hopes of opening a studio, running a yoga retreat, or using yoga for medicinal purposes and athletic training.

When I moved back to New York in 2007, I started looking around for a studio program that was Yoga Alliance Certified. I found them to be very expensive - far beyond my means - so I had to put that dream on hold for a bit. About a year ago, I stumbled upon Sonic Yoga in Hell's Kitchen, which runs an affordable program expressly because they feel that many of the current programs are too expensive for most people. They are also incredibly flexible with the timing of the class and off a night and weekend program for people who work full-time. After attending classes and meeting with one of the instructors, I knew the program was the right fit for me.

Now that I am registered for the training, I wanted to share my experience of becoming a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and was struggling a bit with where to do that. On this blog, I really want to focus on my 365 steps toward an extraordinary life. Some of those will absolutely be linked to the yoga teacher training, though I didn't feel that this was the best venue to record the full process of getting certified. So I went hunting for a better place.

It didn't take long before I found, a site run by Erica Heinz, a freelance graphic artist, wellness blogger, and Huffington Post columnist. I will be featuring Erica and in an upcoming piece. With all of its incredible information about yoga in New York City, seemed like an ideal place for me to record my training process and connect with other yogis.

My first piece is up on today and talks about some of the preparation work I'm doing for the training. You will be able to view a full set of my posts here. I will post on this blog each time I have a new post on I hope you'll join me over there as I start this new journey and check out everything that the site and its iPhone app have to offer! Ommmmm.....


Erica said...

Well I loved your first post and am already looking forward to more of them. Warm internet welcome! :)

Christa said...

Thanks, Erica! So excited to be sharing the journey on Thanks for the opportunity.