Thursday, January 14, 2010 My Interview with Erica Heinz, Founder of

For busy New York yogis, is a dream service. In a couple of clicks, the site provides every nearby yoga, pilates, fitness, and dance studio based on an address. It’s Mapquest for your source of well-being. The site also provides job postings for yoga instructors, profiles of studios and instructors, and a blog. To make it even easier to utilize the service, is available as an iPhone app. You can also follow Yogoer on Twitter.

Last week I had the pleasure to interview Erica Heinz, a graphic designer, Huffington Post columnist, yoga instructor, and founder of I’m also excited to announce that I’m recording my yoga teacher training diary on’s blog. My thanks to Erica for the opportunity to connect with the community she’s building on
Christa - What was your inspiration to start Yogoer?

For the full interview, click here.

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