Friday, January 15, 2010

Step 15: Lugh

"Are you more like your mom or dad?" people ask me. I'd like to believe that I can choose the best of both.

Today I heard a bit about Lugh, one of the gods of the Celtic Pantheon. He is the son of Cian and Ethniu, half god, half monster. He was able to become successful because he had the good traits of each of his parents: the heart and morals of his father's side (the gods), and the courage and self-defense abilities of his mother's side (the monsters). With the gods being oppressed by the monsters, he joins the gods, teaches them to defend themselves, and helps them gain their freedom from the monsters. While greatly simplified, this basic outline provides a powerful example of how to choose our better history and future.

Every experience and example has the potential to be a help or a hindrance to us. Cian's family, had good, patient hearts that lead others to dominate them. Ethniu's family was wild and ill-willed, though exceptional warriors. Lugh could have easily adopted either example. Instead, Lugh was able to combine the warrior instincts of his mother and the good heart of his father to restore peace.

The important lesson here is Lugh's decision to pick and choose among his historical examples and inherited traits to create something all original that allowed him to do the most good in the world. When I consider my own history and my own way forward, I've been thinking a lot about my parents, my earliest examples of how to be an adult in the world.

It would be easy to vilify one of my parents and deify the other. Instead, I am trying to appreciate and nurture the very best of them both as a base to build my own life from. From my mother, there is so much goodness to choose from, though not enough personal confidence. From my father, there is so much intellect and confidence to choose from, though not enough compassion and love for others.

My history is the inverse of Lugh's, though my journey has been and will continue to be similar. In order for me to really do some good in the world, I will need the very best traits of both my parents combined. I wonder if that's true for all of us.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Christa-
How thought provoking. I also really was touched by your candor in regard to your parents. It was so honest.

Christa said...

Thanks, Steph. I've always found honesty to be the most helpful tool in helping to realize our potential. From honesty, we have a place to begin the best version of ourselves.

Trish Scott said...

Oh so true that we can pick and choose from our own best (donated) qualities. My younger son and I were just having a discussion about how lucky it is for children that opposites attract. I said OMG yes! Can you imagine taking after me without your dad's influence thrown in? He said, "Yes. I'd have nothing but half a manuscript for a pillow." LMAO! The best comedy stems from truth :). Fortunately due to their dad's side, both sons are solvent and due to my side, pursue their dreams as well. Our marriage didn't work but we were a great kid making team.