Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Step 13: Off the Screen, Into the World

My involvement of social media has led to some amazing friendships in my life. I'm certainly better off for them because they inspire me, support me, and keep me going in pursuit of my dreams. My friends, Col, Laura, Phyllis, Amanda, and the lovely ladies of Owning Pink are examples of this phenomenon. There are amazing people across the globe who are my kindred spirits, and social media has allowed me to connect with them.

One of my favorite outcomes of this process is getting to meet these amazing virtual people in person, when I get to read their witticisms online, and then realize they are even more fantastic in person. Tonight I got to meet up with Amanda, one of my favorite social media friendship success stories. Long-considering a move to New York City, Amanda began looking for creativity focused blogs by New York City authors. Amanda found my blog via random search, and then we discovered that we went to the same college, graduated the same year, loved yoga, performed, and were writers. Tonight we got to meet in-person for the first time, and 2.5 hours later, we still had loads to say. What a great feeling!

There's been a lot of criticism of social media because some consider it so impersonal. "It's replacing real-world interaction," some people say. "People spend too much time in front of a computer and not enough time living their lives," others say. Both valid arguments, though I've found such a rich, contrary existence in social media. It's allowed me to connect with people whom I may never have met otherwise, people who enrich my life and share my sensibilities and dreams. Social media's brought me friendships I never expected, and for that I am incredibly grateful!


COL said...

people who make that kind of criticism are just afraid of something they don't understand.

simply because we participate in social media does not mean we're any less inclined to meet others and socialize in person.

i cherish my virtual ... and in often cases virtual-turned-physical (don't mean that in a pervy way) relationships.

you are a gem, christa, and i look forward to our next in-person meetup!

Christa said...

I agree, Col! the virtual world has given us so many more ways to connect to more people. I love the webs we weave :)

Yes, we have to schedule our next in-person meet-up! Will send you an email.

Amanda said...

Hooray! It was so awesome to meet you, Christa, and to hear your stories...what a wonderful connection to make as I embark on life in a new city :)

Christa said...

Hi Amanda! I love that we were finally able to connect in-person in this fantastic city. A heartfelt welcome to New York. I'm glad you're here. We will have to get together again soon!

Laura Cococcia said...

Love it my dear! Couldn't do it without you!

Christa said...

Right back at ya, Laura! :)