Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shine A Light Competition - Your Chance to Help a Small Business Doing Great Work in Their Communities

Hi all,
Just a quick note to tell you about Shine A Light, a great on-line competition that is currently running to provide a $100,000 grant and American Express marketing support to a small business doing good works in their community. It only takes a minute to vote and can make a world of difference to a small business. Personally, I voted for Beacon Paint because of their dedication to New York City public schools. If you're interested in voting, visit Shine A Light's website.

The finalists are:
Beacon Paint has been on the same street for 109 years. They are proof that longevity alone does not always tell the story. Their warmth and hospitality is well known in the neighborhood. They are proud of their generosity and community minded spirit, particularly among the NYC public schools in their neighborhood.

Sacred Wind Communications (SWC) is a for-profit telecommunications company with 40 employees and has a non-profit educational arm of the corporation which serves the Navajo people in New Mexico.

HAPPYBABY organic baby foods launched on Mother’s Day 2006 with 5 products in 5 small NYC stores. The business is the brainchild of a social entrepreneur who wanted to make a difference using business, support sustainable agriculture, provide our children with the best start to instill eating habits for a healthy happy life, and simultaneously provide basic nutritional needs for less fortunate children simply trying to survive.

This competition is made possible by the partnership between American Express and NBC Universal.

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