Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - A letter to October

Sweet October,

Thank you for arriving. I had enough of September and all the trouble she brought my way. A fire that threatened to trap me inside, claiming my home and most of my belongings with smoke, and then lost my dear sweet dog. A sad, sad month.

Now you've arrived and I'm so glad to see you, old friend. You are my favorite month because you bring the start of my very favorite season - holiday time. On Halloween two of my very good friends will be getting married and I'll be celebrating with them as a beautiful and joyous way to kick off these last few months of the year.

Even better, you'll bring a visit from my sister, my very best friend, along with my brother-in-law, and toddling niece who is one of the greatest joys of my life. We'll go up to see the rest of my family where we can pick apples and pumpkins and run through corn mazes together. We'll laugh together and play together and cook together. It's a vacation I need so much as this heart of mine sets about healing itself and my soul takes a much needed break from the events of September.

And let's not forget the vibrant, bold colors you decorate all of the trees with. Soon I'll be jogging underneath a great umbrella of gold and orange and red, thankful for the cool breezes that rustle the leaves and clear my head. My mind is weary and it needs to see nothing but beauty to right itself again.

Taking inspiration from your expert paint palette, I begin this month at the very bottom of my own blank canvas. I imagine that I'm very small and the canvas is very big. I'm looking up at it, holding my paint brush with so many gorgeous colors to choose from. I'll dab a little here, and dab a little there, only the colors that make me happiest, painting only the things that make my heart sing. October, you will witness someone shining through the sadness and disappointment and frustration and loss. Someone rejuvenated and smiling. And that someone will be me.

Thank you for coming to my rescue. Thank you for welcoming me in with a warm hug and a kind and understanding ear. Thank you for letting me lay down my troubles at your feet and walk on through your days to live my best life yet. I promise I'll repay you with a painting more magnificent than anything I ever thought these two small hands of mine could make.


Stephanie Baffone said...

Hi Christa-
What a beautiful post. So poetic. I too wish and hope October is kind to you. I love Oct for the same reasons you do, apples, pumpkins and holiday season lying in wait. My only issue is that Jan, Feb, March follow...ugh!
Anyway, blessings, happiness and new beginnings to you this month! nice to my dear girl, Christa!!!

Christa said...

Awww....thanks, Steph. I broke into a huge smile upon reading your comment. Thank you thank you thank you. May October be a beautiful month for all of us.


K said...

Christa!!! What an amazing post... brought tears!! I felt everything in your heart. October definitely brings new beginnings - stay strong & know you are loved! XOXO -Kristen (@LifePathLiving)

Christa said...

Hi Kristen! Thanks so much for your comment. I am so grateful for your support during this time. Your checking in on me and all the good vibes you've been sending this week have been an enormous help!