Monday, October 19, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Sunsets and Moments

The brilliant women over at Owning Pink made one of my recent posts to their blog their homepage this morning. I'm honored and humbled. Thanks to Keith for inspiring this post. From the comments on the original Owning Pink blog, it helped a lot of people. It's an amazing gift to be able to write things that help others - especially since this writing helps me so much.

"On Saturday afternoon as I was walking back to my apartment, I came around the corner and saw this amazing sunset, one of the most beautiful I had ever seen. I raced upstairs to my apartment, grabbed by camera, and jumped out the window to snap a photo of it. And you know what? It didn’t work. No matter what settings I changed on my camera, I just couldn’t get the photo of the sunset to look the way it actually was. My eyes saw something so much more beautiful than my camera could capture and hold.

So all I could do was stand there on the roof, basking in the glory of all those colors. As the sky turned darker, the sunset got more and more beautiful. The colors evolved and mingled and every moment was more incredible than the moment before. Our lives are like that, too, so long as we just let them unfold in their own time, in their own way.

With every experience, our lives grow richer, each one adding its own little dab of color. I know that all of the things I’m working on now are little dabs, and they might not seem like they belong together just yet. I know that they will find a way to work together, and that eventually the art of my life will emerge. That will happen for all of us. It’s not a matter of if, just a matter of when. Our only job is to show up every day, for ourselves and for the people we love, and let life unfold moment by moment.

Today someone sent me an amazing video from Radio Lab about moments.

I love it so much that I’ve played it over several times now. It features the moments of every day life, mostly things we take for granted. As I watched the video I became even more aware that these little moments, the things we don’t or can’t capture and hold, are the building blocks of our lives. While mostly simple and ordinary this is the stuff of our days. It reminded me that there is always time and cause for celebration.

In what ways can you slow things down, just a little? What is there to notice? How might it change the way you live, love, and celebrate?

Watching it all unfold,


Sharnanigans said...

hey I like your story. I know the feeling of seeing something beautiful and then trying to capture it on camera and it not doing it justice. Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in 'capturing the moment' that we lose the present beauty (not that this happened to you, but caught myself doing this on holidays once and thought, I should just be enjoying the scenery instead of just snapping!) also I agree with the moments thing.
I can slow down by enjoying my son who is 10 months old - sometimes I get hung up on "Ooh he needs to be asleep, ooh he needs to do this and that" and by worrying about what I think I need to be doing for him I sometimes miss the beauty in watching my boy!!! So this is a way that I can slow down and watch things unfold

Christa said...

Hey Sharni - isn't it so true? I do that on vacation all the time. In my effort to save every moment, I look with my camera instead of my own eyes. We need to remind ourselves to slow down and enjoy each moment as much as possible!