Tuesday, February 5, 2008


People need a mission - something to keep them going when the going gets tough. For some it's work, for others it's family and friends. Could be a hobby or volunteer work. The folks at HelpOthers.org take pride in making a stranger's day a little bit easier and then asking those strangers to pay the favor forward to others.

A few months ago I signed up for their weekly email, Smile Newsletter, that records the antics of good samaritans across the globe. A story from this week's newsletter, below, made me laugh and reminded me that even when it comes to doing good deeds, it's helpful to be flexible. Enjoy!

"I went into a laundrymat today to leave money for someone to find to do their wash, so I had my coins and tape and was looking around for a spot to leave them when this distraught lady said, 'Oh you have tape! I really need some my top is cracked and won't stay on and I didn't know what I was going to do!' I'm not sure what was exactly wrong but I was happy to give her some tape and a smile. When I was walking away I heard her say, 'Thank you, God!' I went in for one reason but clearly there was another purpose in my being there, even if it was so simple as sharing a piece of tape. It definitely put a smile in my heart!" --RaeofSunshine

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