Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Charley Harper: Illustrator

This weekend on CBS Sunday Morning, I saw a clip about the illustrator Charley Harper and fell in love with his work. He creates animals and natural settings from a variety of every day geometric shapes. To watch him work was to see a technical artist at play.

Todd Oldham, an LA-based designer, re-doscovered Harper's work by a sheer act of serendipity, and spent years archiving Harper's illustrations as well as getting to know him personally. Oldham has compiled his findings in a new book published by AMMO. A quick flip through the pages, and you're bound to find a picture that takes your imagination to the next level. Even better, Charley Harper's work will help you see nature with a new found respect for its magnificent sense of design and order.

You can take a peak at the book through AMMO's site: http://www.ammobooks.com/new/books/9780978607654/

The picture above can be found at http://www.contemporaryartscenter.org/uploaded/downloads/charley_harper_desktop.jpg

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