Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - A Lucky Place to Lay My Head

My friend, Liz (another unwitting angel), was able to connect me to a friend of hers regarding an apartment. Her friend sent me the management company's contact info. I emailed them right away and they were able to show me a studio apartment that's available immediately, in my same neighborhood, in my price range. This story is miraculous enough with just these details though the other coincidences are striking.

My apartment building caught fire on Saturday afternoon and by tonight, I have a new place to live. It's a pent house studio with outdoor space, lots of light, a dishwasher, full-size appliances, a very large closet, doorman, elevator, laundry in-building, art deco building, only one month security, no broker fee, beautiful view of the skyline and the Hudson River. Skeptical? Me too. It gets better.

It's one of the first buildings in New York City that takes American Express as a form of payment for rent. And until this morning, the apartment had been listed as having an application in. It's been that way for weeks. However, the application fell through some time ago and the list did not update for some odd reason until this morning.

Tomorrow I will get two checks for the realty company and at lunchtime will hop uptown to sign the lease. This apartment hunt all wrapped up in less than 48 hours and I got a space where I feel safe. Life changes so fast. All we can do is be ready - for good luck and bad luck. Both are bound to turn up in our lives at one time or another. And while I hope I have seen the later of these for some time to come, I'm so abundantly grateful that during this difficult transition I've still been able to find, receive, and recognize blessings.


runner52 said...

A happy ending to what has been a long week....congratulations

Christa said...

Thanks runner52. It's all coming back together. Thanks for your support during this time and always!

Laura | The Journal of Cultural Conversation said...

Congrats Christa! My apt also accepts Amex, which I love. So glad you found a place!

Christa said...

Thanks, Laura. So so happy I was able to find something so fast that is fairly close in monthly rent to my old place. Yay Amex - every landlord should accept it for rent payments :)