Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Dreaming in Bits and Pieces

“The end of wisdom is to dream high enough to lose the dream in the seeking of it." ~ William Faulkner, American novelist

Now that life is returning to normal, I’m turning my attention back to my education project. I’m in the early stages of contacting public schools to find one that will serve as a pilot test. In a nutshell, I am looking to use theatre as a tool to teach innovation and product development to 6th graders at New York City public schools. The program will be of no cost to the school or to the children who participate. I just need a space, an internet connection (if possible), and 10 curious 6th graders. I would personally finance the pilot. The idea is to run it for 12 weeks beginning in January of 2010.

At this point I’ve had about 15 people read the proposal and provide their feedback and suggestions. Their creativity and excitement has spurred me even further. They’re helping me dream bigger, far beyond the pilot. Just as Faulkner suggested, this thinking bigger has allowed me to move beyond just seeing this program as a dream. It’s something that I must do. It’s quickly becoming my greatest passion, and that’s exactly what I need to happen in order to get it off the ground.

For the past few days, it’s all I’ve been able to think about. Things I see and experience and read are all tying back to this dream. This morning I was so excited about it that I could barely stay in my chair at my computer. I’m getting little inputs from everywhere – what schools I could partner with, what material I should include, what mechanisms I should use to deliver the material. Like small interconnected building blocks, all these bits and pieces are fitting together, filling in the canvas I’m dreaming on.

The more I consider the pilot program, the more I realize that it is inevitable. All the clues I’m picking up are showing me that there is much more need for this program than I ever realized. It began as this tiny speck of an idea, and the more I nurture it and love it, the more new opportunities it presents. It’s the most beautiful thing about ideas and dreams, and people for that matter: the more care you put into them, the more understanding and freedom you provide to them, the lovelier and more viable they become. They reveal mysteries to you that you never even knew were possible.

The image above is not my own. It can be found on the Cardiomyopathy Association site.


Nikita said...

This project of yours sounds exciting Christa! (I'd personally love to hear more about it).

Btw, I love the quote you used...it totally applies to a few of my own goals and dreams for a conference that I'm helping plan this year in UNI. Glad to see creative juices spurring out for a lot of us lately :)

Laura | The Journal of Cultural Conversation said...

Love it! Keep up the vibe - you're creative and committed and all of your efforts always flourish. :)

Christa said...

Thanks, Laura. Creativity keeps us going!

Christa said...

Hi Nikita! I'd love to hear about this conference you're organizing. What's the topic, who are the speakers, etc.?