Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Go the Other Way

I went to the US Open today. It was a welcome relief from yesterday's chaos and the fallout that is about to ensue. I'm not at all pleased with the landlord's response to the fire in my building. There will not be any additional safety measures taken to secure the building and they will not do any cleaning of the units. In his words "You should probably feel safe living there." Thanks, for nothing. So as soon as possible, I'll be on the move again and in the mean time I am grateful, as always, for the amazing friends in my life who are helping me out through this difficult time. I am blessed to be alive and surrounded by so many incredible souls.

At the US Open, I was watching the Del Porto vs. Koehlerer match. It was an amazing competition to watch. I was sitting next to a few young kids, probably high school age, who wanted to get the wave going. They tried in one direction and got barely any traction. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they gave up, and then someone from a section in the opposite direction told the high schoolers to pass the wave over to them. It caught on like wildfire, and went all the way around the stadium, several times, including through the section that hadn't taken it up when the wave was passed directly to them.

Fun to watch, the wave helped me adjust to my changing situation. I was getting so upset about my apartment, about not having a place to live, again, having to crash with friends, again, and the general attitude and lack of concern from my landlord. Keith put things in perspective for me. My apartment building is not safe, and I'm so disturbed by the lack of concern that my landlords are showing for their tenants that I'm never going to be comfortable there. So better to just adjust, pack, and go someplace else. "Yes, it sucks," Keith said. "But that's all. It just sucks. You're okay, a lot of your things are okay, and all you have to do is move."

I have accept that this change has happened, and now I have to change, too. Getting frustrated and angry at the situation won't help, no matter how angry or frustrated I get. Just like the high schoolers and the wave, I need to go in the opposite direction. It's the only way forward. So here I go again...


runner52 said...

Glad you had the chance to have some fun amid the chaos

COL said...

keep on keepin on sister. your friend is right. good advice for us all!