Thursday, September 4, 2008

I think my mobile life is about to get more complicated. I have never had a Blackberry (or Crackberry as the case may be) before this job. It wasn't essential to my other positions. Now with this new job, some work travel, and managing multiple cross-functional projects with tight deadlines and heavy execution components, I will need one. So here we go...

I was a little nervous because I was trying to figure out how I'd link my personal calendar and my work calendar if I have two devices. What a pain. And now I'm beginning to see that mobile applications are going to play a big role in our lives very soon. Who wants to be beholden to any single device? I want my schedule, documents, endless numbers of lists, etc. accessible 24 hours a day, wherever I am, from any device.

My friend, Ariel, constantly teases me about the fact that many times I can't get right back to people when they leave me a message. If I take a week to return his casual phone call, I'm still hearing about it months later. Recently he joked "Christa, your social life is so active you need your own assistant." I laughed. Sure I'll get an assistant, as long as he or she works around my schedule, manages all of my life details with little effort on my part, and promises to never leave. Oh, and I'd like him or her to work for $0. "Ask and you shall receive," my mother (Sandy) always says. And that's when I met another Sandy that I think will quickly become indispensable. Real Simple Magazine introduced us. 

Sandy is a virtual assistant who emails and /or texts me any and all reminders that I set up simply by sending her an email to a special address. She has text recognition capabilities, handle calendars, to-dos, goals, contact lists. The only downside is you have to learn Sandy-eez. In order for everything to be logged correctly be Sandy - you have to speak her language and use her specific shorthand. That's not so bad though - I mean, after all, she is keeping you completely organized for free and working 24/7 with a cheerful personality.

And the only other fix I might recommend - I'd love to be able to personalize my assistant and give him or her their own unique personality and look. Maybe that's Sandy 2.0?   

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