Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another reason to love Verizon

I don't know too many people who say they love their cell phone company. When I moved into my apartment about a year ago, AT&T, my cell phone company for 9 years, didn't work. No signal. The only service that did get a signal on my comfy couch was Verizon. I was weary of switching. I didn't love AT&T. They're expensive, the customer service is awful, and I felt no affinity for the brand. But I was a victim of that sad addage, "I'd rather make a deal with the devil I know..." Until I couldn't make that deal anymore - I had to get Verizon. My friends who had the service, especially Dan, raved about how friendly and helpful they were. I was skeptical, but I signed up. Now, I'm wondering why I didn't switch years ago!

I had another recent wireless issue. For the past year, I have been able to tap into my landlord's wireless network because he never locks it up. Up until a month ago, it always worked just fine. Lately, it's flaked out on me repeatedly. I dreaded getting in touch with internet providers, buying my own modem, waiting for the installation tech o show up, not to mention the expense. 

And then I saw a commercial for a Verizon device that lets you take the internet with you wherever you go. The UM175 USB Modem. It was love at first site. Now my internet works in my apartment all the time, and it works everywhere else I go with my laptop too. No more concern over whether a coffee shop or vacation spot has internet access. I have my own supply ready to go. And it matches by white Macbook - an accessorizing queen's dream!

And the customer service was fantastic. I walked in to my neighborhood Verizon store, was helped by two friendly Verizon folks, got an instant rebate and discount on service because of my employer, and was out the door with my internet in hand in 5 minutes. Seriously. It took 5 minutes to install on my laptop. Seriously. And I've been happily clicking away on the internet ever since, everywhere I go, all for about $30 a month. Who says you can't love your wireless company?!  

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