Sunday, August 24, 2008

Change for Notice

I had dinner with my friends Chas and Amanda over the weekend and we got into a discussion about the importance of change. On Friday I needed to stop by the post office in midtown and it would be best for me to take the ACE to Times Square. I couldn't recall where I'd seen the ACE sign though I know I see it everyday when I got off at the subway stop at work. Turns out it's actually the same stop that houses the 23 (my line) and the ACE. Everyday I look at that sign and couldn't recall the ACE symbols. Chas was telling me that at his former job they would change the colors of important signs around the office so people wouldn't get numb to seeing them the way I did with the subway. 

On my way home from dinner I thought about the comforts and dangers of routines. How quickly we can get used to circumstances the way they are and grow apathetic to them to the point where we don't know how we got from point A to point B. We stop being present and fall into this mental fog that clouds our ability to fully experience our lives. And that fog is heavy to lift, and diminishes joy. 

I'm wondering if there is a time for routines and a time for changing everything up. Are routines ever good for us? Do we have to recognize that they serve their purpose for a short period and then we have to break from them and find a new way? Is renewal critical to happiness?

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