Saturday, August 30, 2008

American Express Members Project

The American Express Members Project is an opportunity for American Express Card Holders, and Guests who don't have an AMEX card, to create briefs for philanthropic projects that are then voted on to have the opportunity to win $2.5 million dollars worth of funding from American Express. My friend Amy just sent me a message letting me know that a nonprofit we have worked with has a project available for voting. "Help Women and Children Survivors of War Rebuild" by Women for Women International.  

Here's an update on the Members Projects so far: 1190 projects were submitted and the voting continues to Monday, September 1st. From there, the top 25 projects will be put up for a final round of voting. You can search through the projects for one that interests you by topic, location, most popular thus far, or by keyword. You can vote for multiple projects and if you need more information on a project, there is a discussion forum on the site where members of the community can ask questions, gather more background, and offer up their opinions about different projects. 

A perfect balance of technology, goodwill, and financial management, it's my hope that the Members Project will encourage other companies to handle their philanthropy in the same way that American Express is doing it. I encourage you to log on, find projects that interest you, and vote! 

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