Saturday, March 22, 2008

Soundtrack for life

David Sedaris once wrote about how his Walkman helped him survive in New York - it gave him a soundtrack to live his life in, a way for him to drown out any of the noise around him on his walks. I feel the same way about my ipod. I suspect most people in New York with the signature white ear buds do, too.

This past weekend I had a great group of buddies from Darden in town. A bit of a reunion. Our semi-annual sixth month club has begun. I was talking about my birthday with my friend, Kelly, and telling her about how my birthday is really my New Year's. I was wondering how I would commemorate a new year. And Kelly suggested a soundtrack for my year.

I've been thinking about the project. Considering songs here and there. Some people put together scrapbooks (which I never even thought of doing), others keep a journal (which I used to do). I write in this blog, and now I'll be compiling yearly soundtracks.    

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