Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wondering how to register a car in NYS?

Me too. I've been wondering for about 3 months. I have never seen a system so complicated. I just don't get it. NYS gets MONEY for having people register their cars here. And NYS needs money - they have quite a few things that need improving. I read a great quote yesterday that I am considering writing across my registration application before I hand it in to the DMV: "If you want something from somebody, give them a way to hand it to you." How about a nice easy check-list explaining each item that you need?

I went to the DMV in June to get a NYS license. The kind woman at the counter told me I needed to have my car inspected before I could register it. Okay. So I went to have it inspected today and the kind man behind the counter said he couldn't inspect my car because it has Virginia plates. Oye! Now, I should have known better than to trust a kind person who works at the DMV - she was obviously new, not yet jaded, and therefore didn't know what she was talking about. (I don't blame her - I don't know what the DMV is talking about either. If I have this much paperwork, I can't imagine how much people who work there have!)

So I get home, log onto the DMV site, and find that yes I need to register before I get an inspection. Fine. So then I have to click on FOUR separate links to compile a list as long as my arm of documents I need to take to the DMV with me. Now I am not only confused, I am frightened. I can just see myself arriving at the DMV, all the documents in hand, and there's just this one tiny piece that I'm missing that will now take another month to obtain. I have had this same car registered in Florida and in Virginia - the whole process in both of those states took about half an hour, maybe even a little less. I'm not kidding. Why must NYS be so difficult.

The final kicker that I must mention here is a little joke the webmater for the DMV slipped in to the site. After clicking about 20 different times to get to the information you actually need, there is one page that notes that obtaining registration in NYS is very difficult and it may be easier to obtain registration in another state - any other state. I almost fell on the floor laughing. I couldn't agree more! Either the webmater has made some sort of typo or was in a bitter mood the day he set up that page and put is dark sense of humor to work! If Christopher Guest ever makes another movie or if David Sedaris is looking for some new material, I think they should consider a stint at the NYS DMV.

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