Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sleepy's...for the MESS of your life

That little guy resting in his red, white, and blue pajamas is just so cute. The people in the showroom and on the phone at customer service are incredibly friendly and they have their catchy theme song playing in several languages and and music genres on their hold music. I should know I've spent my entire day today in my either a) waiting for them to show up, b) on hold trying to reach them to update them on the latest delivery fiasco, or c) in the showroom near my house trying to get the billing fixed.

It is only fair to you if I buy you several stiff martinis before recanting the whole story. Since I don't yet know of a martini delivery service in Manhattan, I will give you the very brief recap:

1.) Delivery man called at 9:am to say he was 5 minutes away. Two hours later, he arrived.

2.) He showed up with the headboard, foot board, slats, and mattress, no rails to put the frame together. "Well, you'll just have to call customer service. That will be $736 please."

"I arranged for financing through the store."

"Sorry, that's not my problem. You need to pay it and then go back to the showroom."

3.) At showroom, re: financing- "What went wrong with the financing?"

"Whoops. Must have not gone through. Did you void the order?"


"Oh. Well I don't really have any answers for you so please don't ask me anymore questions. Just fill out the application again." (This is after 45 minutes of waiting.)

4.) On phone with customer service, re: delivery of rails - "oh, they didn't have the rails? It actually comes as a whole set, so you must have just not seen them."

"No. They weren't with the set."

"Well we'll see if we can get those to you today. It'll probably be after 3."


5.) Rails finally arrive. However, one of the screws doesn't fit into the main support.

"I'm sure it will be fine," says the delivery man. "It's only slightly defective. You'll just have to live with it." (He exits after commenting that I'm the first girl he's seen in all his time with Sleepy's that owns an electric screw driver. I wasn't sure if I should be flattered, surprised, or irritated. I went for surprised.

6.) I begin to put my mattress cover over the new mattress and discover that there is a gaping hole in the back of the mattress. I'm not kidding. I go nuts. I call customer service and explain that I'm at the end of my rope with them and that I need to have a significant reduction in the price or they will need to come out here and replace both the "only slightly defective" frame and the mattress for free. After the salesmen has me on hold for 20 minutes, he says he can take $75 off max. I tell him to send someone next Saturday first thing.

So the Sleepy's saga avoid this mess, please shop somewhere, anywhere, else for your next mattress. Tune in next week to find out if I will spend yet another Saturday getting the "rest of my life."

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